2023 Ready- Couture Collection: Impressionism and Sustainability


Videmus Omnia’s ‘Ready-Couture’ season-less 2023 collection is inspired by art, music and the planet.

Videmus Omnia returns with a new ‘Ready-Couture’ season-less collection for 2023. For the first time, the bold collection is complemented by must-have handmade bags and jewelries. Inspired by the impressionistic paintings of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and the unorthodox music of Claude Debussy, designer Yun has applied her unique style, silhouettes and expert material manipulation to create a fresh vision.


Always looking to music, Yun has sought to capture the ethereal, irregular and unconventional musical compositions that emerged in the late 19th century. As well as looking to the dream-like paintings of Renoir she has included the bolder colors of Japanese culture during the Edo period.

Our collection also shifts away from the restricted seasonal model, once again emphasizing considered high-quality design over excessive production. Now an annual offering, the 2023 collection is more sustainable than any Videmus Omnia collection that has gone before.

We continue to embrace the sustainable, slow fashion ethic, championing conscious design and incredible craftsmanship.